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Brief of “Downward-Facing DeathKindle Book:
Blessed with uncanny deductive skills and a blasé disregard for authority, Matt Bolster was a rising LAPD homicide detective by the age of thirty-five. He was also overworked, divorced, near-alcoholic, and miserable. Then, to impress a girl, he agreed to try yoga. And with a single savasana, everything changed.

Now Bolster has traded his badge and gun for a scraggly beard and the life of an itinerant yoga teacher, dabbling in P.I. work to make rent. He mostly handles missing-persons cases, credit-card fraud ? nothing too messy. But that?s before Ajoy Chaterjee, the billionaire founder of one of the world?s leading yoga-business empires, is found murdered inside his West L.A. flagship studio. Bolster knows the LAPD doesn?t have a prayer of cracking the secrets of the yoga world. But he does, and he really needs the dough.

Of course, sticking to the principles of the yamas and niyamas during a murder investigation isn?t easy, especially with so many hot women among the suspects. But personal ethics will be the least of Bolster?s problems if the killer finds him first.

Episode List
This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials

Episode 1: Released on September 6, 2012. 41 pages. Matt Bolster visits the gruesome crime scene as he joins the LAPD in their investigation into Ajoy Chatterjee?s untimely demise. Bolster quickly discovers he?s going to have to work hard to maintain his inner peace as he traverses the dark underbelly of the LA yoga scene.
Episode 2: Released on October 4, 2012. 41 pages. After taking a guitar to the face, P.I. Matt Bolster realizes that the world of Ajoy Yoga may be more dangerous than he’d thought. As he starts his first full day of investigation, Bolster begins to weave together the threads of Ajoy Chaterjee’s grisly murder. But an encounter with a bewitching yoga teacher threatens to unravel it all.
Episode 3: Released on November 1, 2012. 40 pages. Bolster wakes up in a strange place and unwittingly adopts a cat. The rest of his day includes an extended interview with Ajoy Chaterjee’s formidable widow, a disturbing revelation, and a deadly showdown on the roads.
Episode 4: Released on November 29, 2012. 40 pages. Bolster and Martinez interrogate Ajoy Chaterjee’s oily former business partner. Meanwhile, the return of Bolster’s buddy Slim promises good times and fresh dangers.
Episode 5: Released on December 27, 2012. 42 pages. As the suspect list in Ajoy Chaterjee’s murder dwindles, his memorial service erupts into chaos, leading Bolster ever closer to the horrifying truth.Episode 6: Released on January 24, 2013 (Final Episode). 41 pages. Matt Bolster squares off with Ajoy Chaterjee’s murderer in an epic yoga battle.

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5More, please!


I didn’t even notice that this was a serial when I purchased it; I’m just used to buying everything Neal Pollack writes. Until he sells out and lets all of us aging hipsters down.

Any way, you can read the description to get a summary of the item, but if you like mystery with a side of snark (and if you have ever practiced yoga or tolerated someone else blathering about it), you’ll definitely enjoy this book. “Downward-Facing Death” takes the hardboiled detective novel genre and twists it into a brand-new pose (ugh, sorry for the pun).

Apparently, the following submissions for the book will automatically download if you purchase the first one, so hop on the bandwagon and get your updates as soon as they’re published. This is very enjoyable and a quick read, and I’m looking forward to reading more as soon as possible.

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5Highly readable; intriguing start

By N. Boer

Like most people, I would assume, I was rather skeptical about a detective story about yoga in LA. However, Pollack takes a healthily (and amusingly) cynical approach to the “yoga scene,” whilst still being enthusiastic about yoga practice itself. The protagonist’s transformation from your typical (for the genre) angry, drunken, somewhat corrupt cop to hippy part-time yoga PI is reasonably believable, given that the character sketches have to be so highly compressed for the serial format.

The mystery is intriguing – bloody enough to draw you in without being gratuitous, with a victim (a caricature of a very well-known yoga personality) whose biography seems to open all sorts of interesting possibilities. A quick, very fun read which seems, at this point at least, to still respect the reader’s intelligence.

On a book-nerd note, I’m excited to see the return of the 19th century serial format, harking back to Dickens, Melville, etc (Sherlock Holmes also appeared in serial format) – of course, there have been a lot of internet serials recently, so it seems the genre might be making a come-back? It changes the way the author has to structure the story – lots of front-loading in terms of characters and a constant supply of cliff-hangers, for example – so it is interesting to see how the novel shapes up.

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5Great Start – Can’t Wait For More!

By MemphisBookGuy

Seriously, the review title says it all – can’t wait for more. This story is off to a great start. Love the characters and the setting. This writer really understands that telling a story means being able to draw the reader into the story and engaging the reader’s imagination too. How I don’t know. The better writers just know how to connect story to reader and this one surely does. The closest I can come to defining it is that the author sparks a movie in my mind. Hey, next I’ll be talking about “texture” and this will really sound corny. But corny or not the good ideas in the hands of a good writer stand out. I sincerely recommend this book.

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